Opening to Life - Opening to Intimacy - Workshop by Tameer / Finca Argayall / La Gomera / Oct. 3 - 10, 2020

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Opening to Intimacy
with Tameer
Workshop on Finca Argayall / La Gomera
Nov. 20 - 27, 2021

What is it?

This group is open to every one who wants to explore, discover and clear the path towards the joy of relating in a more heartful and open way without loosing yourself in the process.

- If you are curious about why do you relate with others in the way you do ...
- If you are feeling stuck or having difficulties in feeling connected with others ...
- If intimacy just scares you or seems to be a lot of work and trouble ...

... then joining this group is an opportunity to create and experience new an exciting ways of relating, of dropping old habits that constrain you, and to reboot yourself into the present as the person that you are.
Through my own experience and personal process I understand that Intimacy can ultimately mean different things to different people. This is how I have come to understand it and live it.

Finca Argayall

Experiencing intimacy

Intimacy is the capacity to be your true self and have the courage to show it to others, in a heartful and respectful way, while minding their boundaries and yours. This means dropping all defenses and false personalities in order to connect and accept your vulnerability and the fears you might associate with this.
Moving beyond those fears rooted in the past will bring a big sense of relief, an openness, where you can experience yourself and discover the others in many unexpected and new ways. You will have a lot more energy available to create honest, nurishing and meaningful relationships instead of pretending, building up protections or just cutting off.

Opening to Intimacy in this way, and relating to others from this space, will create a feeling of closeness,  and belonging that we all long for. It will allow you to discover and practice ...
trust  so that you can share your embarrassing moments, fears and feelings.

acceptance  of yourself and others in every moment as we truly are.
honesty  to freely express your feelings, thoughts and emotions.
compassion  to understand, stop blaming and empathize with yourself and the others.
As you can see, it seems intimacy starts with ourselves, and is something you can share and be open for others to join in. Intimacy is not a synonymous for sex nor should it be exclusive to romantic relationships. It can happen in every kind of relationship, encounter or meeting in our daily life, but you have to take the first step. There are many ways of intimacy that can enhance your life, bust your heath and built your self esteem if  you are willing to take the risk to start opening to intimacy.

About me

Living and working in South America, Europe and India for a long time, I started to share my personal experiences in supporting and facilitating trainings, workshops and individual sessions. My basic understanding is that we are in essence not so different from each other. It's just that we have different conditionings and belief systems that were lovingly imposed on us. But in our core, we all share the same basic needs and longings.
Meditation was my first passion and of course India was my chosen place. It allowed me to come in contact with different approaches and techniques.
I am formally trained in Breathwork, Bioenergetics, Biodanza, Primal Work, Counselling, Family Constellation and Codependency.
All of them are great tools to support personal growth, transformation and clearing the way towards meditation and a deeper understanding of ourselves.
I combine different techniques and meditations to support the group and every individual into exploring and getting a real sense of the issue at hand.

The work that I share is very body oriented. It is there where we store and hold back past experiences and emotions. Our bodies have great wisdom and can guide us well if we know how to listen to it.
Finca Argayall

The place

In the language of the native people of the Canary Islands "Argayall" means “place of light”. We live adjacent to a secluded bay on the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by  powerful nature.
Tropical fruits, vegetables and salads are grown in our permaculture garden. Vegetarian food, bodywork, meditations, stunning views from our ocean view terraces next to the pool, a lively community - our finca is an ideal place to combine your vacation with healing techniques for your body and soul.

Meditation Hall in Finca Argayall

How we get together

Should you be interested in joining our group:
Nov 20 - 27, 2021
Workshop fee
475 Euro
Registration deposit (non refundable): 100 Euro

Early Bird discount - extended due to the pandemic - until March. 1, 2021: 400 Euro
  • Full board
  • Single oder double room
  • Studios, rooms or garden huts
  • Private or shared bathroom

from 61 to 113 Euro / person / night:

Availability and price list will be sent after your registration - or on request.
Getting there
There are no direct flights from Europs to La Gomera.
Your flight destination will be 'Tenerife South' or 'Tenerife North'.
After your registration we will gladly provide you with all necessary information about your transfer.
Cancellation fee
Workshop cancellation fee: None
Still some cancellation fee may apply for the accomodation. Please check with the Finca Argayall reception.

For your booking or any questions please send me an e-mail: or use this form:

(* = required)
Thank you - hope to see you soon.  



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